Fall Ball 2013

Now that the summer softball season is winding to a close, it’s time to start making plans for a fall season.  Last year was the first time we had a fall season in quite a while, and it was highly successful.  As a direct result of our fall seasons and recruiting efforts in the offseason, we were able to gain an additional four teams for the summer league.  We’re hoping to use this year’s fall season in the same manner. 

We understand that the coaches may not be able to field the same teams they usually do in the summer due to player’s schedules.  However, we encourage them to connect with other coaches who might be in similar situations to form a complete team.  We’re also hoping to get some new players who may have started too late for the summer season.  If you’re short a few players, contact Scott. 

So here’s what we’re hoping the fall season will look like:

  • 1 co-ed and 1 mens league, with at least 4 teams in each league.  If we can’t get 4 teams, we may consider not holding the season.
  • Mens will play on Tuesday., Co-ed on Wednesdays.
  • Season will start October 1, barring any further delays to the completion of the summer season tournament.
  • Each team will play 3-4 regular season games. 
  • The regular season will be followed by a single-elimination tournament.  The tournament should conclude by the end of October.  
  • The entire season will be no more than 5 weeks long, with at least 4 games guaranteed.
  • Cost for the season will be $300/team.

In order to plan the season, we need a firm commitment that from coaches that are willing to field a team no later than COB Monday, September 16.  This will allow us time to set the schedule and coordinate the umpires.  To sign up, please email Scott your manager’s name, team name, and league.  More details will follow.

Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Scott or any of the other members of the executive board.  See you on the field!

–Scott A. Roberts